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Who to refer for genetic counseling?


Who to refer for genetic counseling?

•       Advanced maternal age 

•       Abnormal serum marker screening results (AKA Positive AFP)

•       Fetal abnormalities on prenatal ultrasound (including soft markers for aneuploidy like pelviectasis, EIF etc…)

•       Personal or family history of a known or suspected genetic disorder, birth defect, or chromosome abnormality

•       Family history of mental retardation of unknown etiology

•       Patient with a medical condition known or suspected to affect fetal development

•       Exposure to a known or suspected teratogen

•       Either parent or family member with a chromosome rearrangement

•       Parent a known carrier or has a family history of a disorder for which prenatal testing is available

•       All jewish patients (90% of Jewish patients are Ashkenazi)

•       Unexplained infertility or multiple pregnancy losses or previous stillbirths

•       Absence of the vas deferens

•       Premature ovarian failure

•       Strong family history of breast / ovarian cancer

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