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Telehealth Research

Dr. Novack

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Dr. Roloff

Hereditary angioedema

May 19th

Dr. Roloff

Carbon Monoxide

Dr. Okekpe

May 12th, 2021

Fluid Management

March 17th, 2021

MFM research discussion: fetal ductus

Recurrent pregnancy loss

Feb 10th, 2021

PTL,  part 1

Feb 5th, 2021

COVID Vaccinations: 12/16/20

I got mine 12/17/20 - when are you getting yours!?!?!?!

Preeclampsia & HELLP syndrome


COVID Update: 10/21/20

The 96 hour rule

Employee testing

COVID Update: 9/9/20

Review of testing guidance memo

COVID Update: 8/12/20

Dr. Roloff reviews an update for L&D/Mother Baby

Prelim unit data

Airborne isolation

Neonatal separation

COVID Update: 7/29/20

Dr. Roloff reviews an update for L&D/Mother Baby

COVID enhanced PPE

Airborne isolation and aerosol generating procedures

Neonatal separation

COVID Conference 7/7/20

Featuring Dr. Wang, our friendly ID specialist!

An update on our employee health guidelines