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Obstetrics & Gynecology for the residents, students & fellows of of ARMC

A DAY IN THE LIFE... of an OB/Gyn Resident.


You get up early, VERY early, and rush into the hospital, coffee in hand. You arrive to find a gaggle of Medical Students already in house, working on morning notes. You see your assigned patients and start to organize rounds. You make it on time and breathe a sign of relief.


Rounds are sometimes never ending, but today things flow smoothly. You run through plans on the laboring patients, and help the Rotating Residents answer tough questions pimped by the Attending Physician. Luckily, you know the answers today. And rounds end in time for you to get breakfast.


You head to your assigned duties. You have interesting patients, and some that are challenging. You see a patient who is only 28 weeks along in pregnancy and complaining of contractions, and luckily know a protocol for managing preterm labor so well you can make good decisions for her while daydreaming. You are on such a roll. You even manage to get caught up on your dictations from yesterday, and sneak time during your lunch hour to bang out some data collection for your research project.


You check your calendar and note that you have a vacation day tomorrow. Life is good as an ObGyn Resident. But what’s that beeping? beep beep beep... Sounds an awful lot like an alarm.


You open your eyes. What a beautiful dream. It’s 5am. Time to grab some coffee and rush to the hospital. You might not have such a perfect day, but at least you have

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